2022 Annual Meeting Recap

The Annual Meeting of Cedar Springs Homeowners Association was held virtually as a Zoom meeting January 18, 2022 at 6:30 PM.


  1. Call meeting to order & establish quorum
  2. Approval of 2021 meeting minutes
  3. Comments from the President
  4. 2021 financial review, dues collected and liens filed, 2022 budget/dues proposal, vote on budget/dues
  5. Online option for payment of annual HOA dues assessment
  6. Election of 2022 Board members
  7. Report on Beautification and Pond
  8. Report on Lift Stations
  9. Other business

Decisions Made

  • 2022 proposed budgets approved.
  • Permission to renew a 3-year PeopleService contract for lift station maintenance approved
  • 2022 HOA assessments assigned
    • Lots on Alderwood Rd, Cypress Ridge, Linden Ln, Redbud Cir, Scarlet Oak Cir, Tupelo Dr, and Silver Maple Trail address 1790-2080 assessed the regular fee + a lift fee for a total of $425/lot.
    • All other lots assessed the regular fee of $100/lot.
    • 2022 HOA assessments are payable by March 1, 2022
  • 2022 Board Members Elected
    • Dale Larson, Cathy Coleman, Ryan Devine, Richard Ellerie, Daniela Williams, Hudson Ludvigson
    • Board Officers will be determined at the first Board meeting of the year.

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