Winter Snow Removal 2022/2023

This year we will be using a new vendor for snow removal.

We had multiple service issues last winter and decided it was time to switch vendors. Travis Koch and his team will be taking care of us. We have asked them to clear the snow in front of each mailbox station as well as clearing sidewalks in HOA-owned common areas.

As they learn the process, we’ll be monitoring the areas, but please feel free to reach out if you notice an area has been missed. In the next week, they will also be placing a bucket next to each mailbox station with a salt/sand mixture for us to lightly sprinkle as needed.

We received numerous complaints last year about the previous vendor using too much salt.

We have decided to give the homeowners the option to place this mixture in front of the mailboxes themselves. Please use this mixture sparingly, since what is put on the ground will eventually go from the street to the storm sewer and then to the pond with our 100 new big-mouth bass.

In addition, the HOA board has this important reminder:

The ice on the pond is very thin at this time of year as it is freezing, thawing and freezing again. We are concerned that several children have already been on the ice trying to break it with the large, landscaping rocks. Please help keep everyone safe and the rocks in their proper location by explaining the dangers of trying to break open the ice.

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