August 2020 Sidewalk Repairs

In addition to the pond and surrounding area, the Cedar Springs HOA holds the title for a number of common areas in our development, and we are responsible for the maintenance of these areas.

This includes hiring private contractors to mow grass, clear snow from any sidewalks in these areas, and repair any sidewalks that require attention.

HOA board members walked to each of these areas in June 2020 to evaluate any sections of sidewalk that appeared to be damaged. We secured quotes and authorized repair work to be done in three locations:

  1. Three panels on the sidewalk from Locust Drive leading to Christine Grant Elementary School
  2. Two panels on one of the trails starting on Locust Drive and leading to Fox Run
  3. Four panels on the trail on Locust Drive leading to Red Oak Drive.

The total cost of these repairs was $2,690. The work was performed in mid-August by JDM Concrete LLC of Solon.

The board will continue to review the condition of all sidewalks in its common-use areas each year.

If there are common area sidewalks that need repair, you can notify the HOA board about the issue using the form at the bottom of the page.

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